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An Authentic Treatment with A Combination of these Unique Approaches

You will be assessed effectively and thoroughly to ensure we have the best treatment approach for you. Everything you have experienced to this point your body has done a wonderful job. Let's help you get back to normal.
I have come from a background in Sport Science , NHS pain management and a dose of common sense. My advice and treatment is delivered from a safe place with you at the very centre of your experience.

The Bowen Technique

Gentle and effective

The Bowen technique is a gentle soft tissue therapy used in musculo-skeletal and systemic presentations, assisting regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System. 
Gentle rolling-type moves are used over specific soft tissue points, and the technique sets itself apart from other modalities by including "breaks" after a series of moves in order to facilitate the neuro-endocrine response. People's experience is one of deep relaxation and measurable reduction in pain with an increased ability and range of movement.

Bowen Move.jpg

Paula is absolutely amazing. After my first session with her I was able to move my neck more than I expected and a muscle, which had been stiff for years, was soft again. After my second session I could feel dramatic change in my movements, most of the pressure, swelling and stiffness in my neck was gone and I could talk more clearly. I have now had three sessions and all of the above has improved. My neck is in far better shape then before we met and I owe Paula my deepest gratitude for re-setting my nerves and making my life so much better 🙏 Dagur

Dagur Hilmarrson


You don’t need to be in pain thinking there’s nothing to be done , we all have wear and tear as we age but believe me when I say this fabulous lady will do her utmost to help you .She will competently and correctly assess the best treatment for you .
She has an extensive informed knowledge and skill of how the body works .
Paula has performed miracles with her magic hands on my body and my family for years , keeping us all, young and old on our feet and getting us back to what we need to be doing whether that’s working or enjoying life and the activities we love without the pain and discomfort that was restricting us ,making us miserable and slowing us down .

Jill Wickramaratna

Colleen Cupples.jpg

If you are in pain I would 100% recommend Paula, she looks at treating the whole body and not just where you are experiencing local pain. Her knowledge is unbelievable and she has been able to relieve pain I have been living with for over 10 years.

Colleen Cupples

Vicky Gardiner.jpg

Paula is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and has a wealth experience and expertise, to top all of that she's compassionate and truly cares about how she can best support you. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Vicky Gardiner


Had a session with this genius Paula Esson and man oh man 
She is sooo good in what she does the body reading she had on me and my son was amazing, she fixed the problem no pain any more love her to bits..... just try it out.

Jórunn Símonardóttir


Paula's wealth of knowledge is invaluable. I was fortunate enough to be taught by Paula.During my course, we found my left foot would not lift off the floor to stand on my toes.. my brain was telling it to, but my foot wasn't listening!!
Paula and her magic brain and hands got it working!!! Paula really is awesome! 

Clare Jones

Annette Rainbow.jpg

Oh my goodness where do I start? Just wow! Paula’s skills and in-depth knowledge is jaw dropping. Her passion is endless and it’s that, that just keeps driving her to learn more again. She’s a rare find!

Annette Rainbow


I have known Paula for over 10 years now and been receiving treatments from her regularly. It is remarkable the knowledge that she has and continues to learn and share. The hands on treatment has blown me away by the relief of pain I feel during and after the treatment. Not just physically but mentally. If you want a genuine person that only wants to help you get out of your pain and moving in life again this is Paula. From a Bsc first class honours cardiac specialist nurse on the frontline fighting covid. Stay safe

Shannon Kirkpatrick

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