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Bowen Technique Training

Since 1997 I have been involved with the Bowen Technique as a Sport Scientist and implemented the work into a variety of different scenarios to prevent injury and assist injury recovery, as well as running a very busy practice in the community. The understanding about the Bowen Technique is unique, it most certainly links into the nervous system and the latest exploration around fascia and how we can reduce signals to change the experience of pain and help you feel safe again. When we can see and listen to how you use your body and why you could be uncomfortable, we can change the message and help you back to safety and recovery. The intelligence of the work is fascinating and can be learnt by capable adults who want to make a difference in their communities around human function and the experience of pain that affects people's perceptions and abilities to function to the maximum capability.  After 30 years I can genuinely say this is one of the most effective hands on functional medicine approaches I have witnessed or worked with in my career....and we want to share it.     

Time for a change
of career?

Becoming a fully certified Bowen Therapist has many benefits. 

  • Set your own hours

  • Professional Qualification

  • Flexibility

  • Help support people into a comfortable body.

  • Be the master of your own time

  • Attend fascinating courses and conferences

  • Always new learning about anatomy and physiology in partnership with Primal Pictures®

  • Supportive and fun community

  • Challenging and full of growth.

  • Never ending opportunities and new experiences - on your terms.  


Your Learning Experience

This Two-day workshop designed to introduce you to Bowen therapy, where you will learn how to apply Bowen in a basic whole body treatment. This course is perfect for treating family and friends, including children, so they may improve their wellbeing or for those considering becoming a Bowen Practitioner.

Follow the link and register here :



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