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Creating a Healthier You 
By Listening to You.

The Bowen Technique
Gentle Myofascial Release

The Bowen Technique was the innovative and

extraordinary creation of Tom Bowen from Geelong Australia. Rolling together a combination of knowledge, various established techniques, personality and logic.

A simple, honest and neurologically intriguing approach that involves no manipulation, adjustment or heavy pressure. In fact it relies on a productive, assessment filled and targeted anatomical touch with what appear to be quirky "breaks" in the treatment while you are left to rest for a couple of minutes. 

This is often seen by clients as a welcome rest in the middle of very busy lives that often lead to tensional patterns and pain as these progress beyond the ability of your body to compensate or find a way out of behavioural patterns that happen by no fault of your own but often link to your career, for example, farming, building, plumbing, tiling, driving, computers or continuous thinking and responsibility. 

This is a very popular technique and has been the corner stone of the treatment offer for over 23 years. 

It's scientific mechanism is still unknown and many suggestions have been made to rationalise and explain. 

Autonomic nervous system recalibration.

Alterations to fascial behaviour and tensions.

Vagal nerve balancing.

Creation of a normalised muscular recruitment pattern.

Changes in neural receptor behaviour.

Whatever the mechanism, the professional delivery whilst keeping a close eye on creating a quiet space, a nurturing environment in clinic are all key factors. 

Check the testimonials to see the anecdotal evidence and real time client experiences. 

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