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About Paula

Who Am I?

Paula Esson

Senior Sport Scientist St.Mirren WFC/

KSI Iceland.


Sports Empowerment

Ambassador NI 


An innovative creator of health solutions since 1992. I am actually a Sport Scientist who led the UK in the design of health qualifications whilst coaching Basketball at a high level. This by the nature of the game brought lots of injuries and performance problems.


A natural gravitation towards the science of injury and pain has been at the centre of my outlook since 2000. From professional athletes to public figures, my heart though always lies in the community. Helping you to reach your goals and often returning to work or sport when injury has limited you.


Removing annoying patterns in your body as well are a key part of the service. Leading to a place of - comfort, strength and possibility.


It is a working and supportive relationship with you at the centre. Not tethered to limitation but opened to action, interest and curiosity.


Pain can be positive rather than negative - it is feedback of options. Even if that option is to gain imaging to understand your reality, look at your internal health in a measurable way or use hands on techniques to suggest some changes to your brain. 

You have done everything to the best of your ability so far. Let's help you on the track. 

Paula Esson










BSc Sport Science.

College of Medicine.

Cert Education.

Advanced Basketball Coach.

P-DTR Practitioner.

Bowen Practitioner / Lecturer.

MSTR® Practitioner / Instructor.

FREC First Responder



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