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MSTR® Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release

The story of your life does not need to hold scars.


I'm covered in scars
Scars from the blade
Scars from climbing
Scars from reaching the top of the bridge
Scars from falling
But I am still here...and so are my scars

KY Blackstar 2014

Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release


The relationship with your scars can often be simple and often complex. for many they carry stories way into the future, way beyond the original event. They can create many interesting physiological responses that you do not need to have. 





Misplaced Emotion

Poor blood supply

Limited Lymph Supply

Aesthetic Concerns


This gentle and unique technique takes you on a journey with your scar through hands on adaptation of the tissue that has often pulled tight and adhered as part of the natural healing process. They can lead to some limitations in the way you move your spine for example after a caesarian. How far you can reach up or around with your arms after a mastectomy. How distant you may become from a scar you own and the whole area of your body. Known as "Nociceptive withdrawal". This can lead to leaning away and towards one side of your body causing over-loading and new unhelpful patterns. It all matters and it is all addressed and potentially improved by MSTR®. 

"The work had a life-changing effect on my range of movement, psychological health, social participation and self-worth. Independence and long term life expectancy / quality of life is very much increased,

I am so grateful."

Dagur Hilmarsson 2019. Iceland.

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