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Client Reviews

Creating results for people and supporting you back into your full life and pain free is my primary motivation, I also ensure that you are cared for on the journey, GP letters are written, action plans created with colleagues, scans organised if needed. Trust and safety drive my clinic. A whole model of integrated care in Northern Ireland.

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Caroline Williams. September 2023

I went to see Paula feeling that my mind and body needed a bit of an MOT after a couple of years of hard knocks, physical and mental. Paula has the most incredible array of skills - way too many to list - but I just knew that she would help. She is such a wonderful mix of genius, hands on practical skills and FUN. Long story short, I feel much much much better in every way. Just go and see her!!


Yvonne Bruce. October 2023

Almost a year ago, I had a nasty fall down a flight of stairs, my rib mended but my hip never felt the same, I had begun to limp and suffered constant lower back pain. This is until I had a Bowen treatment
with Paula .I feel wonderful, I really hadn't realised just how much pain I'd been living with, until my body felt like mine again.I would strongly suggest that anyone living with pain should contact Paula and let her work her magic on you.
Thank you once again Paula.

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Odd Sternersen (Iceland). November 2023

Paula is a lovely person and a brilliant Bowen practitioner.
She has been treating me for many years and she has really helped me a lot with my problems with my back and feet. Paula is extremely highly skilled and experienced and really goes all in when she treats you, which make her more likely than anyone else I know to be able to help you.
So I can recommend Paula with all my heart, she is the best around.

Child Physiotherapy

Emma Anderson November 2023


Paula is an excellent Bowen practitioner who’s at the top of her game. I have been having Bowen for years and Paula is by far the best practitioner who has treated me. She is extremely knowledgeable and understanding. She has an in depth knowledge about the human physiology and how the body works and therefore is able to treat many different aliments at one time. Paula is also a very generous hearted human being who will do her utmost to help you. Bowen for me has been a life saver, as someone who has suffered with chronic pain for years, I am so glad to have found a therapy that gives me great relief when the pain becomes unmanageable. Thank you Paula!

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